m3 / Indicator


m/3 Indicator Power Status Utility Module empowers Real-Time Monitoring of any Euro-Format Power-Board or Flying-Bus it’s plugged into.



Power: wondering about it can absolutely corrupt (& disrupt) the grey matter of many—from the Perfectly Pedestrian Patch-Partier to the Prominent Professional Dr. Daft-Patchenstein. Said Patch-Cord-Pyrophobia is a well founded, arguably healthy fear in a practice where a bad ribbon cable, loose wire, or even a single bent header pin could coax magic smoke from a tender module (or two).

The m/3 Indicator is simple: plug it in to any power bus & know the status of your system—at the speed of LIGHT!—(ahem) via the revolutionary 19th century technology of electric lamps. Cutting the crap, suffice to say: when you have power: you have lights, when you don’t: no light(s) & should your power system be in “safe / overload protection mode”: you may have both (i.e. blinking lights). It’s compatible with whatever you got, takes up 2hp & a few milliamps here & there to perform its photon-emitting trick. One light for +12v, another for +5v &—you guessed it—one more for -12v. That’s all it does & all it will ever do—but what else do you want for 26 bux? (or $15 for a stinking DIY Kit you solder huffing Patch-Pirate!).

So the Solemn-Voiced Subhumans Spoketh Unto Thee: Give your Patch-Cord Paradise PIECE OF MIND with the m/3 Indicator Power Status Utility Module.

  • Real-Time Power-System Monitoring
  • ALL-Analog Circuit (ha ha)
  • 3 Power Status Indicator Lights
  • 2hp
  • Plug & Play With Whatever You Got 
  • Voltage Controlled Photon Array
  • No Annoying Input for Audio Effektor / Modification
  • No Pesky Volume Control



  • Euro-Format
  • 2HP
  • Depth = 1” (25mm)
  • +12v @ 1.2mA / +5v @ 0.5mA / -12v @ 1.2mA


List of Included Parts

  • m/3 Power Indicator Module
  • Printed Instructions
  • Warranty Card
  • Marque Decal
  • Subhuman Slogan Bumper Sticker
  • 7” Ribbon Connector
  • 4 Mounting Screws
  • 1 Screwdriver



All Trogotronic instruments come complete with pretty much everything needed to “plug & play”. Still, herein are replacement parts should ever something go missing (plus a few extra options should ever such a fancy strike).