The First “Trogotronic” the TR Ogre

Trogotronic Subhumans have been hand-building unorthodox audio instruments for three decades. Originally as musicians on a tight budget we made up for light wallets by building instruments with materials readily at hand. Eventually we found our gear to be unique rather than second to the mass produced stuff: more responsive, with an incomparably organic signal quality lacking in the vast majority of electronic instruments available. Further, we came to appreciate our instruments were FIXABLE—built to last a lifetime—rather than tossed in the landfill should they be damaged on the road. After years of requests from fellow gutter-club troubadours along the way our humble enterprise was born.

Trogotronic instruments are not designed upon strict electronic engineering conventions of audio synthesis established for low voltage modular synths of the 1960’s.

Since we are musicians, sound designers & audio engineers first (electronic-technicians second) we approach audio “synthesis” with a healthy dose of PRAGMATISM. Most “synths” start with an unnaturally perfect (and perfectly boring) mathematical waveform that begs to be distorted into something interesting (by implementing plenty of utility modules, patch cords, rack space & money). Right out of the box our instruments produce the transcendent electronic singularities (otherwise known as “chaos”, “turbulence” & “fractal” phenomena) that analog systems naturally excel at. These “audio singularities” yield the most compelling sounds that electronic instruments offer.

Our Low Voltage Solid State Analog technologies display these sonic phenomena with a frigid terrible violence while our High Voltage Vacuum Tube units illuminate these domains in an even more magnificent manner with spectral harmonics rendering the most horrifying signals somehow beautifully. And through these simple interfaces musicians / sound designers are encouraged to NAVIGATE INTUITIVELY through these areas of higher order signals with our dead simple interface of real-time controls & photo-feedback lamp arrays.

Warning: Trogotronic hardware is proven hazardous to those with fascist & other authoritarian leanings (as well as harmful to relationships with your neighbors or roommates). ALL Trogotronic instruments are guaranteed “COMPLETELY DEFECTIVE” for a minimum of one year… ALL Trogotronic gear is built by hand in & shipped from USA. Most orders ship between 1 to 3 business days except Valkyries which ship in 2-5 weeks.

We endeavor to entertain the most complicated or trivial of queries & most inappropriate topics of interest via phone, text or electronic mail in an earnest, comprehensive & expeditious manner.

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