m15 / 55-114hp DIY-Kit


DIY-Kit* m/15 Higher Power System

55~114hp | 115~285hp | DIY 115~285hp | m/15 Parts

*DIY Kit requires Population & Soldering. 


9U@55-114hp w/ 4hp Inlet
9U@55-114hp w/ Bezel Inlet

Patch cord power pundits of the past told us it couldn’t be done. Some retro “rack-ontuers” even say SHOULDN’T.

With m/15 Higher Power system: triple-voltage is STANDARD. Worldwide compatibility—STANDARD. Overload protection—STANDARD. 10 or more amps—STANDARD. Super-quiet operation—STANDARD. Configurable Multi-Zone or Unified CV & Gate Busses—STANDARD. Safest install into almost any conceivable case—STANDARD. Expandable up to 30 Amps & 48U for the AC Inlet versions?— NEW STANDARDS ALL AROUND!

Trogotronic m/15 Higher Power DIY Kits are designed to be modular FOR modular starting at $113—that’s nearly 90mA PER DOLLAR—& factory assembled systems start at $133. Installation, expansion & maintenance is simpler than your most elementary synth patched mess on the front end so no sweat there Dr. Who! The power bricks are dead quiet, worldwide compatible, overload & reverse hookup protected for safety & are load-tested to ACTUALLY perform to advertised specs (unlike most shady Shenzhen black-box vibrators). Our install guides & real-time customer service sans-phone-trees / off-shored call center are the stuff of legend. Manifest Modular Destiny? More like MUTINY against MALNOURISHED MODULAR SYSTEMS!

  • DIY Kit
  • 10A 3 to 12U Euro Format Modular Supply
  • 20A 15 to 24U Euro Format Modular Supply
  • AC Inlet models User-Expandable up to 36U @ 30 Amps 
  • Includes Triple Power Rails +12 / +5 / -12
  • Worldwide Compatible
  • CV & Gate bus configurable to 1 or 2 groups per Bus Board
  • Runs Hungry Modules Without Drama
  • Lightweight, Quiet & Cool Operation
  • Load Tested & Overload / Reverse Hook Up Protected
  • Priced @ Nearly 90mA per $1
  • Dedicated 5v@5A option available for AC Inlet Systems

For CERN-grade sonic power demands choose—or upgrade your DC Inlet system to—an AC Inlet version & simply add power nodes via 20 & 30 Amp Expander Sets as well as dedicated 5v @ 5A Accessories. Hell, run up to 15,000mA per bus-board for all we care. And if you simply want to add more bus boards to your existing m/15 system they are available à la carte (up to 4 for DC Inlet & 16 for AC inlets). Should you have some specialized modules hungry for the 5v tap you can customize AC inlet versions with one or more specially built busboards with it’s own dedicated 5V@5A supply. And just in case you are among the more deviously dedicated patch perverts the latest m/15 systems have CV & Gate communication busses configurable in one unified or two discrete groups per Bus Board. No more reason to compromise layout / use of modules due to current demands on your rack’s wracked power system, unreasonably weak supplies are the only remaining unreasonable components.

m/15 3 to 12U @ 10A DC Inlet System Specs

  • 100-240vAC Mains AC Input
  • 10,000mA Symmetrical Current Capacity
  • 5,000mA Max Load +5v & +12v combined
  • 5,000mA Max Load -12v rail
  • 1,000mA Max Load Per Board +5v rail
  • 15 Power Outlets Per Bus Board
  • User Replaceable Power Bricks
  • Not for Touring-Case Duty


m/15 15 to 24U @ 20A System w/AC Inlets Specs

  • 100-240vAC Mains AC Input
  • 20,000mA Symmetrical Current Capacity
  • 10,000mA Max Load +5v & +12v combined
  • 10,000mA Max Load -12v rail
  • 1,000mA Max Load Per Board +5v rail (5v@5A Optional)
  • 15 Power Outlets Per Bus Board
  • User Replaceable Power Bricks
  • Warrantied for Touring-Case Duty


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