i1 / CV & Audio Signal Illuminator


i/1 CV & Audio Triggered High Output Lighting FX

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i/1 is the first Trogotronic CV & Audio Triggered High Output Light FX for live performance. It may be used alone or in a multiple lamp array fully integrated with CV or Audio Input (via input or built in microphone). i/1 puts the flash in your bang, readily ruptures retinas to the beat of “the kick” & cauterizes corneas in 4/4; which is to say careless operation can gravely injure eyes, trigger seizures, overheat the circuit & cause severe burns with no less than three signal-to-photon modes:

  1. Ambient Audio Control
  2. Audio Signal Input Control
  3. Control Voltage Input Control

Rack-rebels may provoke full-scale goggled-insurrection via CV Input Jack & use CV Out Jack to daisy-chain multiple lamp arrays with this well provisioned tool-set: Filter Frame + 4 combinable Color Filters manually alters the wavelength of photon-emissions, Extra-Long Patch Cord connects Audio or CV Signal & Integrated Clamp / Ball Joint device secures & aims instrument—when used responsibly—where it will cause the least injury to organs of visual sensitivity. Shade 10 Welding Glasses & Sunscreen of = or > SPF 50 recommended!

  • CV Input with On-Board Calibration
  • CV Output for Easy Daisy Chain of Lamps
  • Readily Clamp to Wide Variety of Objects
  • Built In Mic & Audio Input Jack with On-Board Sensitivity Calibration
  • Built In Standby Switch & Indicator Lamp for Easy Adjustment
  • Filter Frame & 4-Color Combinable Filter Set for Colored Beams
  • Requires Enables Sunglasses to be Worn Indoors / After Dark  

Range & Sensitivity Knobs optimize High Output Light Response. Standby Toggle facilitates bypassing the main lamp for adjustment (& thereby bypasses a trip to the opthalmologist)—use Standby Switch Setting & Knobs with Indicator Lamp to calibrate a full range of reaction to Inputs / Mic.

In the box:

  • i/1 CV / Audio Signal Illuminator
  • 4-Color Combinable Filter Set / Filter Frame
  • Filter Tool
  • Extra Long Patch-Cord
  • 5000mA Power Supply
  • Articulated Mounting Clamp
  • Printed Instructions
  • Warranty Card
  • Marque Decal
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Parts & Accessories

All Trogotronic instruments come complete with pretty much everything needed to “plug & play”. Still, herein are replacement parts should ever something go missing.