m669 / Synth Module


m/669 shamelessly stuffs 14hp of Euro-Format ALL-ANALOG SMUT to the current crowd of frigid digital rack-tangles. From throbbing heavy-water reactor drone to vigorous flash-bang action (and exotic analog arthropod maneuvers everywhere in-between) this rack-jacker begs for Voltage Control in no less than 8 input holes—7 which stimulate velvety Vactrols. Stick this cherry-red tinnitus-tool in your lily-white rack and your friends with good taste will NEVER come back.

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Analog Audio Artifacts: event-horizons of signal-singularities rendered in hyper-tonal spectra. Primal-purpose of the m/669 Analog Euro Synth-Module. With a presence more sickening than a platter of polonium sushi at a London boob-bar the m/669 is an untamed sonic-smut provocateur in our midst. The new m/669 Module is eager to accept CV in all of 8 input holes—7 which stimulate velvety Vactrols—with a prehistoric grunt. Regard the adults-only feature list of this analog obscenity with caution:

  • ALL-Analog Circuit
  • 3 VCO’s
  • 3 Voltage Controlled Analog Artifact Generators
  • 3-Patch Modulator Switch
  • Voltage Controlled Thrust Parameter
  • 8 CV Inputs
  • 7 Vactrol Circuits = Organic CV Response 
  • Input for Audio Effektor / Modification
  • Volume Control
  • 4 Lamp Indicator Array

The m/669 can serve as submissive in layering scenarios, weapon of choice for center stage performance & as pulsing source for sequenced rhythmic exertions. With a sordid repertoire ranging from heavy-water reactor throbs to vigorous flash-bang action (and exotic analog arthropod maneuvers everywhere in-between) all rendered with blistering analog filth that makes the cold vanilla digital code-chokers sob. Shove it 14hp deep into your tight rack and use it mercilessly:

  • Alone as Aggressive Voltage Controlled Audio Signal Source
  • Alone as Triple High-Harmonic VCO Drone / Dissonant Screech Source
  • To Trigger Prolonged Complex Events via Voltage Controlled Thrust Parameter 
  • Patched through a Sequenced VCA for Relentless Rhythmic Depravity
  • As Voltage Controlled External Audio Effektor in series with Signal-Chain
  • As Voltage Controlled External Audio Effektor “Side-Chained” in Parallel 


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  • Euro-Format
  • 14HP
  • Depth = 1 5/8” (40mm)
  • +12v rail peak current 85mA

List of Included Parts

  • m/669 Analog Synth Module
  • Printed Instructions
  • Warranty Card
  • Marque Decal
  • Subhuman Slogan Bumper Sticker
  • 7” Ribbon Connector
  • 4 Mounting Screws
  • 1 Screwdriver



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