WaveWraith 673


Model 673 / WaveWraith Analog Tube Synth Console

m673 Modular Synth Version

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For decades we’ve defined, refined & relentlessly tuned our instruments for maximum Analog Audio Alchemy. Gear that’s more intuitive & more alive than the usual blinkie-lights-&-knobs-business. Put ours on the ‘scope & you don’t see time-locked geometric shapes. You see close-cropped bits of the natural world: like a ghostly fabric waving in an invisible wind. Listen carefully to the sound: you don’t hear notes or tones in the bee-boop spectrum. Instead you experience bona fide Audio Apparitions…

Model 673 WaveWraith is an Analog Vacuum-Tube instrument that combines the power of  Valkyrie with MotherMutant modern interface in a no-compromises ergonomic console. Power up & after a tube-warming countdown from ten, WaveWraith is knobs-deep in Interstellar Sonic Horror straight outta the box. Patch into Audio Input & bewitch what’s brung (as an unprecedented sidechain FX) or send a white-hot table-banging freak-loop far beyond the event horizon.

We built “semi-modular” before the term was semi-ass coined. Wavewraith is our first model with a FULL-DOZEN Gate & CV inputs ready to dock deep with any “Euro Modular Space-Station” available. Be it Space Tug Nostromo, Solaris Station, Discovery One or Moonbase Alpha in your cursed patchcord orbit, Wavewraith issues signal ranging from line-level to blistering modular amplitude without imposing on a single HP or Milliamp of rack-plasm.

  • All-Analog Signal Path
  • Ergonomic Wood-Case Console
  • 11 Control Knobs / 9 Multimode Keys
  • Multi-Lamp Analog-Feedback Display 
  • Worldwide Power Supply
  • Doubles as Deeply Haunted FX
  • Apex-Link in Pedal-Chain Table-Bangs
  • Standalone / “Semi-Modular”
  • 12 Gate / CV 1/8″ Inputs
  • 10 Element Vactrol Control-Voltage Array
  • 10 CV Attenuators / Parameter Controls
  • Gates for Output & Triple-Osc Array
  • Swappable 9-Pin Twin-Triode Tube

which is to say you can change “glass” with MOST of the MANY versions of new (or classic) Twin-Triode Preamp Tubes to subtly alter the overall sound of the instrument.

Simultaneously delicate & brute, terrifying & beautiful, time invested in WaveWraith bears dividends: ghastly key-borne transitions, lengthy Rube Goldberg cycles & endless foley ideas for the classic sci-fi horror movie of choice. Instantly playable yet confoundingly deep, WaveWraith packs a haunted universe in a package befitting a briefcase.


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  • Bench-Top Chassis 11″x 8″ x 5″, 3.75lbs.